Rocky Mayer’s approach is unique
Foam Densities (yes, more than one density!)

The BMS Difference

Rocky Mayer - BMS Custom Foam

Rocky Mayer approaches custom motorcycle seat design differently from anybody else. Rocky’s philosophy is that no two butts are alike! With that in mind, he determined that different densities of foam should be available to provide appropriate comfort on a case by case basis. The determination for which density to use is subject to the specific needs of the rider. How long they ride, their ride position, the type of motorcycle, etc. etc. This is why we require a lengthy specifications form. Rocky has 5 different foam densities of seat blanks from which he chooses the “right” foam for your butt. This “Mayergonomics” resultsin the BEST MOTORCYCLE SEAT for YOU.

If you think of foam density this way – would you want a one-size-fits-all mattress firmness? Um…. NO! Why would you want to be pigeon holed into a one-size-fits-all seat that you will be spending as much time on as you spend in your bed?

Seat Pans

We now manufacture custom BMS seat pans for BMW Water Cooled R1200GS. The new GS is an amazing bike with a terrible seat. Demand has been so high for custom seats we have custom molded our seat pans allowing you to purchase a custom BMW GS seat and seat pan combo. You keep your OEM seat. This has required a lot of R&D, testing and investment. Companies that manufacture aftermarket seat pans often have fit issues. We have perfected the BMS seat pan for the BMW Water Cooled R1200GS. Other seat pans are currently in the works.

To build your custom BMS seat we require your seat pan. This enables us to ensure that there will be NO problems on your re-installation of your seat. This is an issue that some companies have because their seat pans sometimes just don’t sit flush, some do it yourself rigging may be required to less than perfect fit. This does mean that you will be without your seat for the duration of the shipping each way as well as the time required to customize your seat. Is it worth the wait? See for yourself – browse the testimonials here and read the reviews. According to our feedback, you bet! Yes it’s worth the wait!

What should you know?

Things to ask other companies before buying a custom motorcycle seat:

  • Do you have a variety of foam densities? How many and how do they compare to my OEM seat foam?
  • How do you fashion my foam. Is it all one piece?
  • If I don’t provide my pan and your pan doesn’t fit my bike well, then what?
  • If the seat isn’t what I expected, and doesn’t fit ME right, then what?

Why buy an aftermarket Seat?

Building the best motorcycle seats for motorcycles is what BMS does.

Let’s back up a bit here. In order to understand why aftermarket motorcycle seats (also known as motorcycle saddles) are necessary in the first place, it helps to know how the Original Equipment from the Manufacturer (OEM) seats are designed. In general, there are two things make the OEM seat inferior to the design of the BMS motorcycle seats:

  1. The foam form has insufficient density to sustain the rider for any length of time. Over a long ride, the foam compresses and at some point starts to feel as if you are riding on the pan. And THAT doesn’t make for a comfortable ride.
  2. The seats are generally designed at an angle which has the rider finding that he or she keeps sliding into the tank. The resulting discomfort (and you know what I’m talking about) can make you miserable and can only be overcome by pushing yourself back from the tank. And THAT, over time, will cause unnecessary fatigue.

Now, these situations vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and rider to rider. But if you are experiencing any of the above, we at BMS can help you.

How BMS insures you get the best custom seat for your Butt!

The team at Bill Mayer Saddles believes in building the Best Motorcycle Seats for each of our customers. Now you may ask, “how can you build me a seat that suits my riding needs?”. There are a number of factors that BMS uses to determine the best motorcycle seat design for you:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Riding posture
  • Miles ridden per day
  • Reach to the ground (seat height)
  • Riding style (typical riding distance)
  • Passenger Height
  • Passenger Weight
  • Type of motorcycle
  • Photograph(s) of you and your motorcycle

BMS requires photographs of you and your bike in order to get a better visual feel for how to fabricate the new seat to your exact specifications.

We build seats for all bikes

BMS can build a motorcycle seat for almost any kind of motorcycle or scooter. BMS will install new or retain existing heating filaments for your seat as you desire.

Check out our seat gallery here.

How long will my BMS seat last?

Usually longer than your bike.

How do I care for BMS Seat?

Cover it when you park it out in the rain, use the leather conditioner we give you, and for vinyl, soap and water..