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Rocky Mayer Saddles

At BMS, it’s more than just a motorcycle seat, it’s a craft, a lifestyle, a story...that Bill Mayer Saddles has dedicated generations of hard work to.

from the beginning

Bill Mayer senior worked as an artisan furniture designer and manufacturer. His true love was motorcycles and his passion and creativity lead him to invent and patent “Mayer Day Long Saddles” in 1971. “Mayer Day Long Saddles” was his patent for a spring device that was sunk into foam made it’s mark on motorcycle touring and most historians will agree that Bill's creation was the first true custom motorcycle saddle that changed long distance riding. In the mid 80’s, he sold his business to Russell in Fall River Mills Ca. and agreed to a five year non-compete. Russell Day Long Saddles are still popular saddles, however they are using old Bill Mayer technology from 1971, now much more stylish and still a “Ride all Day smile All the Way” saddle!

In 1990 with 5 years to improve custom motorcycle seat construction he opened Bill Mayer Saddles “BMS” with new technology, in 1998 he formed a partnership with his oldest son Bill “Rocky” Mayer III. Inspired by greatness Rocky and his amazingly talented staff continue the legacy.

Rocky Generation

Rocky Generation

Today, BMS is owned and operated by Rocky (Bill Mayer III). Rocky was born with motorcycles in his DNA. In his late teens Rock, was a consistent rider across the border into Mexico and around the states. It’s hard to see in this picture, but Rock had a gun rolled into the sleeping bag fastened to his bike. (At 62 things still haven’t changed).

Being an entrepreneur, Rocky built up a business with 50 employees and semi-retired at the age of 46, but when his Dad decided to open BMS after the 5 year non-compete Rocky realized it was time to jump back into business, continue the family name, and add new technology to his Dad’s original designs. Check out any of these magazine articles and you will see BMS is the industry standard in custom seats.

let our work speak

Rocky is larger than life and well deserving of the name “Rock”. He’s the life of the party, friends with all his customers and has a heart big as they get. If you’ve ever attended a rally where Rock and his crew are building on site it’s not unusual to see a 100+ people watching the seats being customized and getting to know Rock.

It’s time to get you in a more comfortable seat.

Rocky, you and your crew aced it!

Harrison Ford