February 6, 2015

"You have a customer for life"


First of all, I have to thank you and your staff for the terrific saddle you built me.

I have been riding for over 35 years and through many motorcycles, I have never had a seat that I could ride with for much more than 300 miles. Even after trying (2) famous brand “premade” seats, I still suffered from back aches. With a previously crash injured back,  I was about to give up.

After speaking with you at the 2014 BMW rally in Minnesota, you thought that you could help. After seeing me siton the bike model that I ride, you immediately said, “How do you ride like that? That seat is all wrong for you.” You and Adrian took some notes and asked me to send in my seat pan. You also suggested installing bar risers for my R1200GS.

Well, about a week later (and just in time for my big trip) the seat arrived. It was beautifully finished and the stitching was gorgeous.  Even the staples under the seat were perfectly straight. I installed it and gave it a try. Now, they say you should never make a major change to a motorcycle before a long trip. Well, I took a BIG chance as I left on a 3300 mile trip the very next morning. I did not even have a chance to ride the bike around the block first. The bar risers that I installed certainly felt a bit odd as I felt as if I was sitting too high.  Just to be sure, I brought the right tools to remove the risers and I also brought along an inflatable seat cushion and a bottle of “Aleve”.

I listened to what Rocky said on how to arrange my bars and posture on the  bike and I copied what he told me.

I would not be writing this testimonial if the result was not beyond my expectations. Needless to say, the seat is unbelievable and my back never felt better.

My wife asked me the first night how my back felt and she was happy to hear I had no pain! I have never had a better riding experience. After 7 days and over 3300 miles of a mixture of highway and sinister mountain roads, my back was great. I never even took the Aleve. Certainly, I was surprised.

Really long distance rides seemed like an impossibility before this seat. I now know how it is possible. A custom seat, designed for the rider and the bike is essential. Rocky, you and your team have the knowledge and experience to make it happen. Great job guys. You have a customer for life.


Glenn Stasky - 2/6/2015
Clearwater Lights