November 14, 2015

"Is It A Bun Burner if Your Buns Don't Burn?"

Dear Rocky,

Thanks for helping to make the last half of the summer a lot more pleasant for me and my wife! After having our new BMS saddle made at the BMW Rally in St. Paul, Emily and I set out on a fabulous 8-day ride from Minnesota to Seattle. Black Hills, Big Horns, Yellowstone, Tetons, Lolo Pass, The Cascades and our new Grandson in Tacoma. I left the 2014 GSA there for a couple weeks and Iron Butted back this weekend after working a trade show all week. All I can say is… Can you legitimately claim it as a Bun Burner if your Buns don’t Burn?. I rolled up to the house after 1,600 miles in less than 34 hours and invited Emily to ride somewhere for dinner. I don’t know what magic you put into the foam, the shaping or the sewing, but it must be in there. You don’t necessarily go “ahhh” when you climb on for the first time, but when you get on after that last gas stop, and its dark, and you’ve gone 850 miles that day, it still feels pretty darn good! I’ve never had a motorcycle that didn’t hurt to ride after a long day, but I have one now!

Thanks for the great passion you put into your product and for the great craftsmanship your crew put into our new saddle!