December 14, 2015

Victory Cross Country - 650 Mile Day!!!!

Rocky…over the last couple of years I’ve had several 400 and 450 mile days on the seat you rebuilt for my Vic Cross Country. Before the work you did, I couldn’t really do more than 100 on the stock seat without pain. A couple of weeks ago I was up in Eureka Springs, AR on a Sunday. I headed east from there to the top of Hwy 7 and ran it all the way down past Hot Springs, and then I decided to run the rest of the way to the west side of Houston in order to beat the rain that was in my way the next morning. 650+ miles that day…and I never once thought about my butt. That’s pretty amazing. When it’s done right, it’s done right. But I think you owe me $27 for the campsite I paid for and didn’t need to use that night.

Unfortunately, this pic doesn’t show the seat. This was taken in the Davis Mountains State Park area after we had just ridden from Possum Kingdom Lake State Park – 435 miles.

Good work, sir. Thanks!