October 31, 2013

Rider Magazine Triumph Bonneville Seat Review by Jerry Smith

We are proud to have been reviewed by Jerry Smith of Rider Magazine in August of 2013.  A couple of excerpts:

BMS uses your stock seat pan, and asks you for some basic information, such as your height, inseam and weight (be honest), how many miles per day you like to ride, and what you don’t like about your stock seat. Taking it a step further, BMS asks for a photo of you, or you and your passenger if you’re ordering a dual seat, on your bike in the riding position—bike on centerstand, feet on pegs, hands on grips. Finally, you use a marker pen or a piece of tape to indicate where the back of your butt hits the stock seat.

Jerry forgot to mark his seat, but no problems, when he sent it back properly marked, we were able to position his “seat pocket” in the location he needed.

Rider Magazine, Bill Mayer Saddles Triumph Review

Rider Magazine

The most common criticism of custom seats is they don’t look right. I’ll admit the BMS seat is not as aesthetically pleasing as the stock seat. It’s not really an issue, though, because I can’t see it when I’m sitting on it. I can feel it, though, and it’s so much more comfortable than the vinyl-covered plank that came on the bike that I can forgive its non-classic profile.

I think any distance riders will agree – at the end of a long day of riding, if your butt still feels good, the seat will be the most beautiful seat you’ve laid eyes on!