August 14, 2013

RoadRunner Magazine - Project Honda Goldwing by David Burbach

Bill Mayer Saddles Ultima Leather Dual Saddle


BMS Project Honda from RoadRunner magazine

BMS Project Honda from RoadRunner magazine

After taking measurements and photos, and letting BMS know what he didn’t like about his stock seat, the Gold Wing’s owner shipped the OEM saddle off to the experts at BMS to get it reshaped, recovered, and rebuilt for long distance comfort. Since the seat pan is still from the Gold Wing, installation was a cinch.


What the Rider Says:
“I didn’t think it was possible to have a better ride on my Wing, but the BMS seat really makes a difference; no more sore butt after a long ride. Extraordinary! Also, it’s a good looking, well crafted seat, which I’m proud to have.”