September 9, 2015

Ardys Kellerman, Motorcycle Legend and IBA

Rocky relates a story about Ardys Kellerman

Great story about Ardys – she had come east from Texas to do some IBA events, I ran into her at a rally in Vermont, hosted by Yankee Beemers. She was talking to me and made the comment that all the miles she had ridden were on stock seats…. But boy she said she would like to try one of mine… So I said the next time your close by in Cali stop by and we will make you one on the house …. 5 days later she was in Ojai 7:00 am sharp, said she would have gotten here quicker but had to stop and take care of some personal biz first in Texas! Love her memory!!


(Ardys was killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 81, in Leeds, Alabama 2013 – she is missed)