May 16, 2016

Jim Hyde Inspired, Built by Bill Mayer Saddles

The Game Changer. Custom Dual Sport Saddle.

We're incredibly excited to announce the new dual sport saddle inspired by Jim Hyde of RawHyde Adventures.  If you don't know Jim, check out his website:  www.rawhyde-offroad.com and you will quickly see why he is "the expert" in dual sport riding.  His inspired design is a game changer for all dual sport riders.  Built by Rocky and the crew, each seat is custom fit to each individual rider.  Seats are ready to build and will ship  within 48 hours. 

Take a look at the difference between our long distance touring saddle and the new Adventure Saddle.  You dual sport riders will immediately recognize the benefits of shallower "wings" and a more off-road shape.  The beauty of our new adventure saddle design, is that we use the same materials and techniques we use to create our other custom motorcycle seats.  This design allows for more liberal movement which is required for dual sport riding, while still offering comfort when you need it.

New Adventure Design for Dual Sport Riders. 
Narrower, easier to move around on off road.

Traditional BMS Touring Seat
Designed for comfort especially for long-distance rides